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Norton Internet Security and Multi-Player Poker.

This document describes the process required to enable Multi-Player Poker to operate, if the Player has Norton Internet Security installed on their machine.

Note : This process applies to Norton Internet Security 2005. However, earlier versions of this software should operate similarly.


  • Open Norton Internet Security.
  • Select the Personal Firewall option. See Figure 1 - Personal Firewall option.
  • Click the Configure button.
Figure 1 - Personal Firewall Option

Figure 1 - Personal Firewall Option

  • Click the Programs tab. See Figure 2 - Program Control.
  • Click the Add... button.
Figure 2- Program Control

Figure 2 - Program Control

  • Select the MPPoker.exe file. See Figure 3 - Select MPPoker.exe. The default path for this file is: c:\Program Files\<your poker room name>
  • Click the Open button.
Figure 3 - Select MPPoker.exe

Figure 3 - Select MPPoker.exe

The following dialog is displayed:

Figure 4 - Permit

Figure 4 - Permit

  • Ensure Permit is selected in the What do you want to do? field.
  • Click the OK button. The Program Control screen is displayed again, as shown in Figure 5 - Confirm Program Control Change.
  • Click the OK button to close the dialog box.
Figure 5 - Confirm Program Control Change

Figure 5 - Confirm Program Control Change

  • Start the Multi-Player Poker application.